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BBST Foundations

August 2012

If you google for ‘software testing courses’ you will find among others the BBST course series. At a first glance they look quite pretty, so let’s book the Foundations I thought. It was June last year and I ‘ve booked the Foundations course which took place in August. Oh my Good I tell you that was a ride into hell and back (in a positive way). I know, I know, they tell you at least 12 – 14 hours per week – I spent about 18 hours per week on it and these hours besides usual work and other bits and bobs. After four weeks I was so much exhausted that I didn’t want to hear anything about software testing for the next few days (or even weeks).

Well it was by far the most intensive course/education experience I’ve ever attended. Especially the group assignments where we had to work in different timezones, were quite challenging. What I really liked about the course is working and learning with moodle. It’s a great way of effective online learning. +1 for that! If you want to know more about a course, its content and challenges, book and dive into one.

There are still three courses left in the series – I think they are even more challenging.

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Where it all begins

To blog about my experience as a software tester begins with this:

the webinar to it:

(Source: eurostarconferences)

since then I call myself the alientester.

In June I got coached by Anne-Marie Charrett. Why I wanted it? Well that’s quite simple, I want to move on in the profession as a software tester. I want to dig deeper in this awesome world where you never know what’s waiting behind the doors of code. I want to get surprised by others and their experiences. I’m a baby alien tester who wants to get grown-up.

This first session with Anne-Marie was… how can I say… was just… <finding words> it was just drop-dead extraterrestrial cool! Anne-Marie set me under pressure and made me thinking, hard thinking, I felt like I would be in a “headlock”. My brain was crackling and my keyboard was glowing from hitting the keys. This is just the beginning of along journey. Homework of the session is still going on.
What I got out? Well I have now a clearer vision what an oracle is: “An oracle is a heuristic principle or mechanism to recognize a problem. Requirements for example are becoming oracles as they are applied in testing.”

To gain experience with oracles, I use now for my daily work the following oracle heuristics: FEW HICCUPPS
Very good explained by Michael Bolton! But I’ve to get used to it first ;o)

Anne-Marie thank you soo much for the coaching session, the great webinar and this funny video!

Now on the way to BBST Foundations in August.

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